Get the right level of support for your dental group’s current stage of growth

Whether you’re facing critical challenges or experiencing more growth than you can handle, PracticeWater can provide the right level of support to restore your practice to business health and keep it there.

Resource Level

Overcome individual, targeted challenges with PracticeWater’s simplest consulting offering. We’ll leverage our experience growing other dental groups just like yours to recommend products that fit your needs and assist with program setup.

  • Phone Service
  • Care Delivery System
  • Marketing
  • HR Materials
  • Billing & Insurance

Connected Level

Get assistance operating and maintaining programs within your dental group. PracticeWater becomes your home away from home, running programs for you so your team can focus on delivering their core value.

  • Training Academy
  • Marketing
  • HR & Employment
  • Financial
  • Communications
  • Transitions

Invested Level

Gain an experienced partner with a mutually invested interest in your success. When appropriate for your goals and vision, explore partnership and transition opportunities with PracticeWater to gain complete access to our platform and organization.

  • Advisory Board & Strategic Partners
  • Financial Diversification
  • Access to Increased Growth Capital
  • Economy of Scale Benefits & Savings

We’ll help you find the right level of support.

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Put your dental group on the path to healthy growth

Step 1. Emergency Relief

Get Out of Crisis Mode

Your group can’t grow if there are critical short-term problems interrupting normal business. If you’re in crisis mode, PracticeWater will help you overcome the core problem you are facing so you can begin to take back control. We’ll minimize your investment while removing any liabilities that threaten to halt operations altogether.

Step 2. Understand Your Goals Fully

Define What Healthy Growth Looks
Like for You

Just like a patient, you need an in-depth exam to understand your current situation and create a plan for healthy growth. PracticeWater will conduct an in-depth interview assessing your practice’s health in three critical categories: your team, patients, and practice. We’ll talk about what’s important to you while getting a thorough understanding of your needs and challenges.

Many dental groups struggle to define what their desired future is. PracticeWater can help you answer these tough questions and then provide the right level of support for your needs and goals.

Step 3. Plan for the Long Term

Create Your Dental Group’s
Treatment Plan

Knowing your challenges and goals from our initial practice diagnostic questionnaire will allow us to create a tailored plan to overcome your practice’s challenges and accomplish your goals. This multi-approach plan will cover the three categories in your business (team, patients, and practice), including both short and long-term action steps for each. With this systemized approach you’ll always have a clear, objective view of your progress.

Step 4. Get Challenges Under Control

Address Ongoing Issues
Limiting Your Growth

Together, we’ll do the hard work of following your growth plan. PracticeWater will assist in change management alongside your team to establish a healthy vision and value system. During this step we’ll tackle lower cost but often more time-intensive changes that often get neglected at busy practices. You’ll see increased efficiency, reduced stress, and optimized return on past investments.

Step 5. Build for the Long Term

Create Scalable Systems

Most business establish operational models to handle their current workloads. You’re likely just barely covering your current needs, but another growth spike would break your current methods. To grow and expand in a serious way, you need to plan for growth. During this step PracticeWater will help you establish systems that offer more capacity than you currently need and that can scale with your growth.

Step 6. Stay Healthy Together

Optimize What Works

While much of the hard work is done, this step is when most of your dental group’s growth will happen. PracticeWater will help you track the effectiveness of your systems and progress towards your goals. We’ll fine-tune your systems to maximize the return on your investments so you can finally reach a point where you can enjoy your growth.

We will maintain ongoing data driven analysis and recommendations to sustain growth over time. Knowing the key data points associated with your long-term goals, we will work together to keep your practice healthy over time.

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