We help dental practices become more profitable with strategies to improve the 3 critical practice growth factors. Scroll down to see all the ways we can help.

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Factor 1: Team

90-Day Ninja Video Course

Get new hires up-to-speed and pulling their own weight in 90 days.

Drop Delivery System

Streamline care delivery by ensuring everyone always knows where tools and supplies are.

Healthy Team Online Course

Deliver better care by working better together and overcoming the drama.

Factor 2: Patients

TBD Video Course

Improve your team's patient communication and learn to teach patients to value care.

Healthy Patient Online Course

Align everything your practice does with your patient's goals and needs.

Health Assurance Software

Increase revenue per patient with a membership program for patients without insurance.

Factor 3: Practice Profit

Zero Overhead Dentist Video Course

Learn how to reduce your overhead so that all your production as a dentist becomes profit.

Healthy Practice Online Course

Become more efficient, boost profits, and spend less time managing.

PracticeData Software

Use powerful analytics to understand your practice's finances.