Your dental practice isn't ready to grow. (Yet.)

You've seen the consultants in the dental industry and their quick-fix models for achieving growth.

Maybe you've even bought a couple, saw little growth, and now you have a few binders gathering dust on a shelf. It turns out that these models aren't so quick or simple after all and that you had more urgent problems to deal with.

The truth is that most practices aren't ready for growth, and that premature growth can actually cause problems.

Consultants sell you on growth—which is what we all want—but it doesn't happen because there are more fundamental problems in the way you run your practice.

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Patients don't value care because you haven't taught them to

Most patients see the dental office as a place of nagging and pain (no matter how polite your staff or how skilled you are at administering lidocaine). But dental health is important, as you know, and it affects the entire body's health. The dental office doesn't have to be a place where patients only go when they feel guilty or when something hurts.

Your practice needs a system for partnering with patients. You need to learn to connect your care to the patient's desires, goals, and overall health, so that they value your care. They'll come to your office seeking care because they understand why it matters, not because you persuaded them. Your practice will be ready to grow when your patients start to choose care for themselves instead of you having to invest so many resources into sales and persuasion.

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Poor teamwork slows down production and profit growth

You've assembled a brilliant team of passionate individuals, and this naturally leads to conflicts. Miscommunication and poor organization can cause even basic procedures to take more time than they should. This limits profit and growth.

But, achieving growth is not just about increasing production. Your team needs to adopt a new mindset of working together to overcome inevitable roadblocks and to increase efficiency. Learn to align the goals of each team and clearly define responsibilities. Establish a framework for adapting so that your team can tackle any challenge.

Your practice doesn't have a real business plan

Too often, managing your practice takes up time you'd rather use caring for patients. You don't have a clear picture of where your practice is heading or how to increase profits. Hiring more employees or offering new procedures seems impossible when just getting through the schedule every day can be a challenge.

Your biggest problems are that you don't have realistic goals and you don't measure your progress. Learn how to measure your practice's growth and what goals are realistic in the first place for your practice right now. Adopt intentional, long-term growth strategies that evolve along with your practice.

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Create health and profit at once

Providing great care for patients and earning a profit are not mutually exclusive. You can increase the health of the people walking in the front door while also enjoying a thriving, growing bottom line.

To achieve this, you need to tackle the mundane but fundamental challenges that slow down your day-to-day operations. These key problems are what prevent you from being able to implement and sustain new growth strategies.

Patients need regular care to stay healthy.

Your practice needs regular care too.

We'll help you to create a strategy for running your practice smoothly instead of pushy and overzealous growth tactics. Why? Because your practice can't support growth yet.

We'll teach you methods and techniques that are realistic for your entire team to use every day. You don't need another binder of spreadsheets and procedure acceptance rates to throw on that dusty shelf. You need processes that are designed for your team to implement and actually use every day.

You need an ongoing strategy to create both health and profit.

Online Training for Dental Teams

Our online courses for dental teams will train your staff to implement consistent, reliable processes to address the most critical issues in your practice.

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Healthy Team Course

Move past the drama with a system for growth and trust. Find more satisfaction at work. Achieve more together.

Course Contents

  1. Part 1: Get Clear
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 1: You're in charge of you
    3. Lesson 2: Creating health is a big deal- divide up the mission!
  2. Part 2: Drop the Drama
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 3: No one wants drama, so why does it happen?
    3. Lesson 4: Team Communication Plan
  3. Part 3: Flow Together
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 5: What do you truly value?
    3. Lesson 6: How can you be you at work?
    4. Lesson 7: Values and performance

Includes 23 document templates and examples to simplify implementing the lessons in your practice.

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Healthy Patient Course

Tailor your services to your patients' goals. Return to serving people again and see them value your care more than ever.

Course Contents

  1. Part 1: Patient Partnering for Health Creation
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 1: What is your patient hiring you to do?
    3. Lesson 2: Guidelines for a great patient encounter- brought to you by Coldplay
    4. Lesson 3: Billions of different experiences won't work
  2. Part 2: Health Creation for Kids
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 4: "No offense but I hate going to the dentist"
    3. Lesson 5: What's more powerful than a drill?
  3. Part 3: Structured Care Delivery System
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 6: What makes a great care delivery system?
    3. Lesson 7: How do I organize it?
    4. Lesson 8: What if I don't have a gazillion dollars?

Includes 35 document templates and examples to simplify implementing the lessons in your practice.

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Healthy Practice Course

Learn key business metrics and growth strategies. Get the most from marketing dollars and have a process for financial decision making.

Course Contents

  1. Part 1: Waterfall Profit Cash Flow Management
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 1: Start with what you need and set a base requirement
    3. Lesson 2: Decide what you want and create a future (be careful)
    4. Lesson 3: Use your cash flow to make decisions every month
  2. Part 2: Internal Management Systems
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 4: Most dental practices have no systems
    3. Lesson 5: Decision Fatigue
    4. Lesson 6: Be present with your patient and fulfill goals
  3. Part 3: Risk Management
    1. Intro Slideshow
    2. Lesson 7: First is financial
    3. Lesson 8: How to improve the chances of doing no harm
    4. Lesson 9: Clinical systems and protocols keep practice safe from rogues

Includes 10 document templates and examples to simplify implementing the lessons in your practice.

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Confluence One

Buy all three courses for a discount. Confluence One is our first course series and includes Healthy Patient, Healthy Team, and Healthy Practice.

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Money-back Guarantee

We stand by our courses, and if you aren't satisfied after implementing our processes into your practice, we'll refund your money. In fact, we don't want your money if these courses aren't valuable to you. Email us within 60 days of purchase to request a refund. We'll ask you a few questions only so we can do better in the future, but the guarantee is unconditional.

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Why should you trust me?

A note from Joshua Renken, DDS and founder of PracticeWater

I started a practice from scratch just over ten years ago. I was young and naive and lacked the same business and organizational skills most dentists lack. Accordingly, I went through a very long, protracted, and painful learning curve, because that's what dentists are supposed to do right? Because I was a solo dentist on my own little professional island, I spent a great deal of money on things I shouldn't have. Searching for ways to grow, I wasted my time on gimmicks that distracted me from what was really important in my practice. Worse, the thousands of dollars I spent didn't help my practice grow.

Since opening that first office from scratch, I've learned a lot. I've grown a multiple-practice, multimillion-dollar business. In fact, our total practice size has tripled since 2009 during the worst national economic period since the great depression and in a state suffering a huge fiscal crisis. Despite those challenges, I've built a resilient strategy that works. That strategy grows profit rather than squandering it.

I'm still a full-time, practicing dentist, and I wouldn't offer another dentist or their team any resource, tool, or product that isn't increasing health for my patients or profit in my practice. There are throngs of consultants and salespeople vying your perceived "rich dentist" money, most of whom still don't know the difference between lidocaine and novocaine.

I want to reduce the steep learning curve to growing your practice by offering the important strategies I wish I'd had early on. These methods are organized so that you can make them your own without disrupting your operation. Growing your practice shouldn't take you a decade of struggling like it did for me. I'm here to help.

For health and profit,
Joshua Renken, DDS