We help dental practices become more profitable

With strategies to improve the 3 critical practice growth factors:


We enhance your dental team's ability to work together, so the practice runs more efficiently, increasing both profits and team happiness.


We show you how to help patients value and choose care for themselves, so they keep coming back for treatment and get healthier over time.

Practice Profit

We train you to understand the business side of your practice so you can reduce overhead and increase profits.

Factor 1: Team

Teamwork drives both profit and happiness

Miscommunication and poor organization can cause even basic procedures to take more time than they should. Reliving the same old frustrations due to a lack of systems in your practice is a distraction. This limits profit and growth.

But, achieving growth is not just about increasing production. Your team needs to adopt a new mindset of working together to overcome inevitable roadblocks and to increase efficiency. Learn to align the goals of each team and clearly define responsibilities. Establish a framework for adapting so that your team can tackle any challenge.

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Factor 2: Patients

Help your patients value & choose care for themselves

Most patients see the dental office as a place of nagging and pain (no matter how polite your staff or how skilled you are at administering lidocaine).

You need to learn to connect your dental care to the patient's desires, goals, and overall health, so that they value your care. Your practice will be ready to grow when your patients start to choose care for themselves instead of you having to invest so many resources into sales and persuasion.

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Factor 3: Practice Profit

Business analysis and systems for realistic growth

Just getting through the schedule every day can be a challenge, so you tend to put off planning for the future. You don't have a clear picture of where your practice is heading, and that prevents you from increasing profits.

Learn how to measure your practice's growth and lead your team toward goals that are realistic for your practice right now. Adopt intentional, long-term growth strategies that evolve along with your practice.

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